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Recent Keyboards

Save monet on our used selection of keyboards. All quality checked and guaranteed. Search here for nearly new bargains and for discontinued keyboards. Come and try our pre-owned keyboards at Keysound Musical instrument shop in Leicester
  • Yamaha PSRE453 Arranger Keyboard in Black
    The PSR-E453 features 758 high quality voices including 8 Sweet! voices and 3 Cool! voices which use Yamaha's advanced sampling technologies to capture the realism and specific characteristics of each sound.
    Yamaha PSRE453 Arranger Keyboard in Black
  • Yamaha NP31S Piano-Style Keyboard in Silver
    Starting your piano lessons and looking for your first instrument? The Yamaha NP31 is a keyboard with 76 piano style keys that offers the student pianist the opportunity for regular practice at an affordable price. This versatile piano keyboard is lightweight and can easily be used and then stored away. There is even a built in metronome to help you play in time.
    Yamaha NP31S Piano-Style Keyboard in Silver
  • Yamaha PSRE353 Keyboard in Silver
    The PSR-E353 comes with a diverse array of 573 different voices including pianos, strings, guitars and synths. The grand piano voices utilise stereo-sampled sounds with a superb feeling of presence. Players can enjoy reverb effects for the feeling of performing in a concert hall, and choruses that add extra breadth and resonance to the sound.
    Yamaha PSRE353 Keyboard in Silver
  • Casio CTK3500 Keyboard
    An easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance resembling that of an acoustic piano.
    Casio CTK3500 Keyboard in
  • Casio CTK4200 in Silver
    Step up to the Casio CTK4200 with an extensive selection of styles and sounds. The touch response key action puts you in control and allows you to grow alongside your musical journey.
    Casio CTK4200 in Silver
  • Casio CTK4400 in Black
    A new keyboard by Casio. It has 61 touch keys, 180 brilliant rhythms and over 120 songs.
    Casio CTK4400 in Black