Pre Owned Digital Pianos

Would you buy a second-hand car without having some advice from an expert as to whether or not it offers good value for money? Many well known companies have manufactured electric pianos over the years but have now moved into other products. A very good example of this is Panasonic/Technics who, 20 years ago, made some of the finest instruments available at that time. These pianos can be found advertised on sites such as eBay and they still often command high prices. But what seems to be a good initial purchase can soon become a very expensive mistake when you are told that the spare part you require is no longer available. At Keysound all of our second-hand pianos come with a ‘Peace of Mind’ warranty. We only supply pianos from manufacturers that can offer the support that you would expect when making such an important purchase.
Our stock can change on a daily basis, so a quick phone call will enable you to get that second-hand bargain that you have been looking for.

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  • Yamaha Pre-Owned P60 Digital Piano in Black
    In addition to superb piano voices, the P-60 / P-60S features a number of commonly used sounds, including electric pianos, organs, harpsichords and strings. All of the onboard sounds have been recorded using Yamaha's own AWM sampling technology to achieve the highest standards of sound quality.

    Treat yourself to this used Yamaha P60 digital piano, in good condition, complete with mains adaptor, owners manual and music rest

    Yamaha Pre-Owned P60 Digital Piano in Black

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    Our Price £249.00
  • Broadwood and Sons Pre-Owned Acoustic Piano in Satin Mahogany
    This pre-owned John Broadwood & Sons piano was built around the year 2000 and is in excellent condition. The cabinet finish is satin Mahogany, a preferred finish to that of the polished pianos that show every finger mark and speck of dust. The piano is 116cm high and, as a result produces a warm resonant sound with an excellent bass response. This lovely piano benefits from a Langer 100 action and as a result delivers a responsive touch that enables you to express from the quietist pianissimo to the most thunderous fortissimo.

    Delivery can be arranged within a 50 mile radius of LE3, please click on the link below to get a quote

    Broadwood and Sons Pre-Owned Acoustic Piano in Satin Mahogany

    Just Arrived

    Our Price £999.00