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Yamaha Pre-Owned DGX650 Digital Piano in Black

Yamaha Pre-Owned DGX650 Digital Piano in Black

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For those looking for a good digital piano with lots of extras, the Yamaha DGX650 fits the bill. With an 88 note graded hammer action this piano offers lots of sounds, rhythms, and accompaniments. On top of all this you have USB connectivity to save your own recordings or to import new songs that will keep this versatile piano right up to date.

Treat yourself to this quality used Yamaha DGX650 digital piano in very good condition, complete with owners manual, music rest, and mains adaptor. Please note, on the top of the piano (last photo) the finish has gone shiny

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Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano [Portable Grand]

More than just a great piano

The DGX-650 offers the playability of a real acoustic piano with a comprehensive suite of auto-accompaniment and performance functions that let you give form to your musical inspirations with ease.

The DGX-650 combines piano Voices, sampled from one of Yamaha’s finest grand pianos, with a keyboard that offers acoustic piano playability. Combined with an auto-accompaniment and performance functions that give form to your musical inspirations, the DGX-650 gives you the freedom to perform in almost any musical genre.

4 main points of DGX-650

Grand piano performance

To make the most out of outstanding piano Voices sampled from a world-class Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, the DGX-650 pairs Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard keyboard with the power and clarity of a stereo speaker system. This provides authentic piano touch and tone while using the subtle dynamics and tonal shadings of a grand piano to enhance your performance.

An extensive library of styles lets you enjoy performing in any genre!

Equipped with a huge number of built-in bands in the form of Songs and Styles, the DGX-650 lets you perform in almost any genre of music. Simply play a chord progression with your left hand and the Style will follow along, matching your playing just like a real band would, giving you authentic sounding backing that has to be heard to be believed. When you want more Songs and Styles, just visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com to download even more great-sounding Songs and Styles!

Get straight to the music

The DGX-650 lets you jump right in and enjoy playing music, even if you're new to performing. Style Recommender helps you choose the perfect accompaniment to the song you want to play. When you’re ready to start playing that song, the Smart Chord function turns your single-note, left-hand playing into rich, full arrangements. To make things even easier, the DGX-650 features a large, crystal-clear display that can display music notation, chord changes and lyrics.

Connect to a variety of external devices

Whether you want to share your performances on the internet, make your own CDs or playback music from your iPod, the DGX-650 has got you covered. PHONE and USB ports (both TO HOST and TO DEVICE) and an AUX stereo mini-jack input lets you connect almost any external device to the DGX-650 for recording, data transfer and more!


Pure CF Sampling - Pure concert grand piano tone

PureCF sampling offers the sound of a Yamaha CFIIIS full concert grand piano, meticulously tuned and sampled under carefully controlled conditions, to reproduce the authentic tone and resonance of this superb instrument with amazing fidelity.

The GHS Keyboard - the real feel of a piano

Developed to capture the essence of an acoustic piano keyboard, Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard offers the acoustic piano expression, allowing you to play with nuanced tone and subtle dynamics. It even duplicates the graded touch of an acoustic piano with a firm feel in the bass register that transitions to a lighter, delicate feel for the keys in the treble.

Live! Cool!, and Sweet! Voices

Authentic guitars, lush strings, punchy brass… Yamaha’s highly acclaimed Live!, Cool! and Sweet! Voices feature a unique blend of long, stereo and multi-layered samples that capture the essence of each instrument, right down to genuine resonance, expression and vibrato.

Big box speakers - powerful, dynamic sound

The DGX-650’s powerful stereo speakers are housed in large enclosures and feature separate woofers and tweeters that deliver powerful, distortion-free bass and pure treble with excellent dynamic control.

Smart Chord functionality - the perfect backing band

Yamaha’s amazing Smart Chord function offers all the backing you could want, automatically detecting the appropriate chord based on the notes you play with your left hand. You don’t even need to play a chord¾ just play a single note and Smart Chord will do the rest, providing full, professional-sounding accompaniment so you can enjoy performing.

Style Recommender - Styles the easy way!

Style Recommender lets you find styles easily without having to hunt through endless menus to find the right one. Simply play a few notes in the rhythm of the song you want to perform, and Style Recommender will offer a list of matching Styles to choose from.

Easy-to-read score and lyric display
The crystal-clear LCD display is capable of displaying scores and lyrics loaded into the DGX-650 via USB, freeing you from the need to use a music stand when practicing.

USB ports - convenient, digital data transfer

USB ports (TO HOST and TO DEVICE) offer convenient transfer of digital data to and from the DGX-650, making it easy to record and share your music, create your own CDs or edit sounds with your PC. You can even save your data to a USB flash drive to take wherever you want.

AUX-in port

Connect an external device like an iPod to the AUX-in port to listen to your music through the speakers of the DGX-650 in crystal-clear sound.

Monitor speakers - perfect for onstage use

Monitor speaker support allows you to output the sound through the DGX-650 speakers even when using headphones, perfect for when you want to use the speakers as monitors during performances onstage.


If you require any more help or advice on the Yamaha DGX650 digital piano, or for more information on the exciting range of Yamaha digital pianos, please feel free and contact Keysound on 0116 2541053. The number one specialist piano and keyboard music shop in Leicester. Free expert help and advice.
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Control Interface
Number of Keys: 88
Type: Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
Touch Response: Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed
Other Controllers
Pitch Bend: Yes
Type: Full Dot LCD
Size: 320 x 240 dots
Color: Monochrome
Contrast: Yes
Score Display Function: Yes
Lyrics Display Function: Yes
Language: English
Language: English
Tone Generation
Piano Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine
Damper Resonance: Yes
Number of Polyphony (Max.): 128
Number of Voices: 147 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 381 XGlite
Featured Voices: 1 Natural! Voice, 9 Live! Voices, 8 Sweet! Voices, 7 Cool! Voices
GM: Yes
XGlite: Yes
Reverb: 35 types
Chorus: 44 types
DSP: 237 types
Master EQ: 5 types
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes
Dual/Layers: Yes
Split: Yes
Panel Sustain: Yes (Function Menu)
Accompaniment Styles
Number of Preset Styles: 195
Fingering: Multi Finger, Full Keyboard, AI Fingered
Style Control: INTRO, MAIN x 2, FILL-IN, ENDING
User Styles: Style File Format
Other Features
Music Database: 305
One Touch Setting (OTS): Yes
Style Recommender: Yes
Smart Chord: Yes
Number of Preset Songs: 100
Number of Songs: 5
Number of Tracks: 6 (5 Melody + 1 Chord)
Data Capacity: Approx. 30,000 notes for 1 user songs (when only "melody" tracks are recorded)
Compatible Data Format
Playback: SMF (Format 0, Format 1), XF
Recording: SMF (Format 0)
Number of Buttons: 4 ( x 8 banks )
Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.): Waiting, Your tempo, Minus one, Repeat & Learn, Chord Dictionary
Demonstration: Yes
USB Audio Recorder
Playback: .wav
Recording: .wav
Overall Controls
Metronome: Yes
Tempo Range: 5 - 280
Transpose: -12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tuning: Yes
PIANO ButtonPortable Grand Button
Storage and Connectivity
Internal Memory: Approx. 1.7MB
External Drives: USB Flash Memory
Headphones: x 1
Sustain Pedal: x 1
Pedal Unit: x 1
Amplifiers and Speakers
Amplifiers: 6W x 2
Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2
Power Supply
Power Supply: Adaptor (PA-150 or the equivalent )
Power Consumption: 13W
Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Data List,Online Member Product Registration, Keyboard Stand, Footswitch, Music Rest, AC Power Adaptor (May be not included depending on your locale.)
Width: 1,397mm (55") / with keyboard stand: 1,399mm (55-1/16")
Height: 146mm (5-3/4") / with keyboard stand: 761mm (29-15/16")
Depth: 445mm (17-1/2") / with keyboard stand: 445mm (17-1/2")
Weight: 22.5kg (49lbs. 10oz.) / with keyboard stand: 29.5kg (65lbs. 1oz.)

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