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Date June 25, 2014
Korg's lastest edition to the PA range, the all new PA300, call in at Keysound Narborough Road Leicester to see and hear this fantastic new keyboard
Roland HPi50e Now in Stock
Learn to play on the Roland HPi50e
Date June 17, 2014
Roland HPi50e Now in Stock
Roland HPi50e

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano? Are you looking for a new hobby or simply looking for your child’s first piano? Keysound of Leicester is proud to announce the latest arrival of Roland’s Interactive piano , the HPi50e. A piano for both adults and children whom would benefit from encouragement and motivation to practice, practice, practice! The HPi50e and its unique interactive functionality unlike ALL other Digital pianos on the market will make learning the piano fun and not a chore!

HPi50e - £1999.00 (On Display at Keysound Leicester – Visit our Showroom today!)

At this price the product not only has all of the features found on the standard Roland HP506 but in addition houses a large high definition Screen which displays digital music notation and a vast array of interactive musical games, exercises & practice tools. Packed full of pre-loaded content and musical scores the piano also has the ability to upload (Via USB Port) unique and widely available content from the internet whatever your taste in music, anything from Bach, Mozart and Chopin to Adele, Emeli Sande or the Beatles. It’s all available via standard Midi files (SMF).

Many people, and or parents of children learning may be concerned about investing in such a piano and may ask themselves “What if I give up?”. This is perfectly normal and is a question we get asked all the time at Keysound. The biggest reason for giving up is that the learner is not enjoying it, they see practising as a chore and on times will be asked to learn pieces of music that are not in line with their preferred tastes. Choosing any of the in-built pieces of music to suit your tastes, the interactive lesson feature on the HPi50 not only recognises any mistakes you might make but will also show you note by note where you went wrong. Based on the accuracy of your performance the piano will mark you and give you a score, thus laying down the marker for you to beat next time (kids love this!). Don’t like the song? Choose another from the 300 inbuilt pieces or simply upload your favourite pop song and start learning, it’s that easy and flexible. Keysound is Roland’s leading retailer when it comes to the HPi Series of pianos and we have to say that we are simply blown away with this latest model – it’s fantastic! Before making your decision and choosing a digital piano we would absolutely recommend trying out the HPi50e as this maybe just the product to get you started and take you on your musical journey…

Keysound – 0116 2541053
Korg PA3x Ultimax
Just Arrived
Date June 2, 2014
Korg PA3x Ultimax

Come and see the brand new Korg PA3 Ultimax twin keyboard system available with or without bass pedals. For those of you who love the versatility of a two keyboard organ offering instant sound changes, the most amazing orchestral voices, and all types of organ voicing, the Korg PA3 Ultimax is the perfect solution for you. With stunning sounds and over 2,000 registrations the Korg PA3x offers Professional Simplicity.
Drawbar Registrations
The Ultimax boasts a full set of vintage style drawbars along with lots of drawbar presets at the touch of the screen.
Church Organs
From the sound of a small chapel organ right through to the thunderous Cathedral Organs, the Ultimax offers you a vast choice of classical registrations. Making your own combinations is simple and recreating the acoustics of the buildings has never been better.
The very best of solo sounds of the orchestra combine to make the most realistic ensemble sounds you have ever heard. The ‘Real Strings’ will make the hairs on your arms tingle.
Stunning Rhythmic Accompaniments
Every style   comes with four instant STS registrations so that you can sit straight down and get instant balanced combinations.
From simple one touch recording to a full 16 track recording studio with full editing suite, the Ultimax has it all
Best Ever?
Powered by the Korg PA3x keyboard the new Ultimax is the most versatile twin manual instrument on offer today. With 38 years of experience, the staff at Keysound have created this new hybrid instrument that will appeal to all players. Call us now and experience the Ultimax for yourself.

Korg PA3x Ultimax
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