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New Firmware Now Out For The Yamaha Genos v1.10
Exciting New Features Added To The Yamaha Genos
Date November 2, 2017
New Firmware Now Out For The Yamaha Genos v1.10

Yamaha have release new firmware for the Yamaha Genos, take a look at the list below to see all the new added features

[V1.02 to V1.10]

-You can now use a new function: Audio Multi Recording.

-Now supports use with the Yamaha Expansion Manager (V2.5.0 or later).

-Supports Expansion Audio Styles.

-You can now search for the desired Registration Memory Bank file when adding it to the Playlist.

-You can now additionally save the following parameters to a Registration Memory.

・Arpeggio Velocity

・Arpeggio Gate Time

・Arpeggio Unit Multiply

・Style Retrigger Rate

・Style Retrigger On/Off

・Style Retrigger On/Off & Rate

-You can now check the Wireless LAN status on the Time display.

-The lighting condition of the [RECORDING] button has been changed; it now displays the recording status.

-The timing to execute Wireless LAN connection processing has been changed.

-Fixed the names of some Voices.

-Improved the settings of some Voices, Styles, and One Touch Settings.

-Improved the processing performance in case that load is high when playing.

-Improved the performance of MIDI transmit/receive.

-Fixed other problems.

If you click on the link below, this will take you to Yamaha’s website where you can download the latest firmware

Or for more information contact Keysound in Leicester on (0116) 254 1853 or email

New Firmware Now Out For The Yamaha Genos v1.10
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