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Korg PA4X NEW Operating System OS 1.2.1 OUT NOW!!
Now released by Korg the new OS 1.2.1
Date July 8, 2016
Korg PA4X NEW Operating System OS 1.2.1 OUT NOW!!
Korg have been working hard again to bring us version OS 1.2.1, making the PA4X even better

Bug fixes


Keyboard Sounds

When the Upper Volume Link parameter was selected, the proportional
volume change of the Upper Sounds didn’t always behave correctly.

Style Play

Fill Mode settings where not saved in the Style Settings and SongBook
When the Fill Mode Lock was selected, depending on the status of other
Locks the system could freeze when choosing a Style.

Song Play

After having selected a Song by entering its ID number, the Select button
in the Song Select window could no longer be accessed, and no Song
could be selected.


Depending on the selected Columns preferences, some information
where not shown correctly, or some parameters could blink.


When loading samples that had been compressed in Pa3X, then decompressed
in Pa4X v1.1.3, the samples could play wrongly under Pa4X v1.2.0
if loaded under some circumstances (loading separate Sounds, or only
the SOUND folder). Please note that samples saved again with Pa4X
v1.1.3 or v1.2.0 were not damaged, and could play correctly after recompressing
them; no data could be lost.

Effects for Sounds

When choosing a Style with an Acc track type set to Drum, the Send 2 FX
level could appear as set to zero, but a Delay effect could still be heard.


After booting, the Clock Send parameter could appear selected, but no
clock message was actually sent.

Download the new OS Korg PA4X v1.2.1 now

Korg PA4X NEW Operating System OS 1.2.1 OUT NOW!!
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